UFO with turquoise lights appeared in the sky over Colombia

(ORDO NEWS) — The video recorded the moment when an unusual UFO appeared in the sky above the city of Medellin (Colombia).

On the record, voices of stunned eyewitnesses are heard that speak of the turquoise lights emitted by an unidentified flying object.

Eyewitnesses during the shooting are trying to zoom in and zoom in on the subject, where you can see three bright lights.

Many of the eyewitnesses stated that they had never seen a UFO with such incredibly beautiful lights. The observed phenomenon was, according to some eyewitnesses, not only realistic, but also beautiful.

One user believes that the video is fake, because the video is too short, although eyewitnesses themselves reported that the smartphone simply ran out of battery. One cannot disagree with this statement, since there are a huge number of UFO videos on the Web that break off at the most interesting place. Or their quality is so low that it is generally impossible to make out a captured object.

Some commentators felt that it could be a regular drone or a successful reflection of a lamp in a window.

The ufologists who analyze this video are sure that this is real proof of the existence of UFOs.


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