UFO spotted in Yorkshire, Arizona, Colorado

(ORDO NEWS) — An object of spherical shape, dark in color, rapidly moving and changing the direction of flight.

Leeds – a city in Yorkshire on the River Air; UK’s third largest city; 757.7 thousand residents living within the city limits, the total number of residents in the conurbation of West Yorkshire is more than two million people.

The object was shot on 05/31/2020

A spherical UFO slowly flew over the Grand Canyon in Arizona, and then stopped in the clouds and disappeared from sight.

The Grand Canyon in Arizona is a unique natural formation. Stripes of geological layers appear on red rocks, demonstrating millions of years of earthly history in cross section. The huge canyon in area extends over 446 km, its width ranges from 6 to 29 km, and its depth is up to 1.8 km. Most of this territory is part of the national park.

On July 1, a UFO flew over the city of Westminster in the daytime, white-silver in color, similar to two spherical objects connected together.

Westminster is a city in Adams and Jefferson counties, Colorado, USA. It borders on the southeast with the largest city in the state and its administrative center – Denver. Westminster is the 8th most populated city in the state and the 248th most populated in the United States.


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