UFO sightings in 1910

(ORDO NEWS) — June 1910 was rich in anomalous phenomena. Here are just a few of them that hit the pages of newspapers of that time.

UFO Destroyer

The flight of the mysterious object over Ireland was so amazing that even the American newspaper Atlanta Constitution reported on it on June 5: “The unusual phenomenon, which was observed by several people in County Donegal in northern Ireland, very worried everyone. The fishermen saw a giant airship-like object flying straight out of the ocean. He flew over land and entered the water again. Several fishing boats caught in his path were wrecked. A deep pothole has formed in the dam. All crops under the flight path died.

Some superstitious people thought the incident was somehow connected with the death of the king of Great Britain and Ireland (May 6). Other theories say that it was a balloon separated from the airship or even a meteorite. The event caused great confusion among the fishermen. ”

A few days later, a UFO appeared in America – over the city of Dunkirk (New York State). The June 8 Dunkirk Evening Observer published a short note:

“According to several young ladies, an airship flew over Dankirk last night. They walked around and at about 21.20 saw a black object high in the sky moving westward over Lake Erie. The ladies also heard a buzzing sound similar to that of propellers. Since they did not use anything stronger than cream soda, you can believe that nothing affected their vision. The black object remained visible for about five minutes. ”

June 1910 was rich in anomalous phenomena. Here are just a few of them that hit the pages of newspapers of that time.

The monsters of the tropical mountains

Researchers working in New Guinea at a time when the island was still divided between the colonial powers stumbled upon the tracks of unknown monsters in the mountains. The Kingston Gleaner, a Jamaican newspaper, reported the discovery to readers on June 27:

“Not the least of the wonders discovered are enigmatic animals of enormous size with terrible features, traces of which were recently reported from New Guinea. The English traveler K.A.U. was the first to tell about their existence in the mountains. Monckton, and now these animals bear the name he proposed – “gazeka”. According to local residents, “they have a nose like a tapir and a muzzle like a devil.”

Mr. Monckton, climbing Mount Albert Edward in western British New Guinea, discovered giant footprints and other signs of the recent presence of some kind of cloven hoof monster, which apparently roams the grassy plains surrounding the lakes on a slope at an altitude of about 3800 meters.

Before the departure of the current expedition, no one tried to catch one of the monsters. However, during the second attempt by Dr. Lorenz to reach the Snowy Mountains, on the way from the Northern River in Danish New Guinea, one of his expedition members came across a huge animal at an altitude of 2100 meters. Whether it is the same creature reported by Monckton from British soil remains to be seen. Currently, it is believed that neither tapirs nor rhinos live in those places. Could this monster be some kind of giant marsupial tapir? ”

By “current expedition” the journalists meant the British expedition of 1909-1911 to the south of New Guinea led by W. Goodfellow, and by the second attempt by Dr. Lorenz “- the expedition of Dr. Hendrik Albert Lorenz to the south of New Guinea (1909-1910). Lorenz tried to get to the Snowy Mountains in 1907, but then the expedition was unsuccessful. The second attempt almost ended sadly: Lorenz fell off a cliff and broke a rib, three porters froze to death.
A hundred years have passed since then, but the elusive “gazek” is still not found, and we can only guess what kind of monster it is.

Ghost from the locomotive depot

Parapsychologists call ghosts stable visions, which, unlike ghosts, appear many times and can be seen by different people. This is exactly what happened in Nebraska, according to the June 27 Lincoln Nebraska State Journal:

“They say that every 24 hours near the Burlington Locomotive Depot, a ghost appears in a boxcar at night – a headless woman in a white robe – and floats above the ground. Saturday night (June 25 – M. G). two hundred people came there to watch the supernatural walk in the moonlight. The depot employs about 150 workers during the night shift. They are all excited by the ghost’s visits and say that if the authorities do not figure out what is happening, they will refuse to go to work.

A figure emerges shortly before 1 am in the open door of an old boxcar parked on the siding next to the fuel storage. As one of the eyewitnesses who worked near the depot said, the figure makes a terrible impression. Dressed in white, she slowly slides into the open carriage door and disappears. She was first seen on June 22, and since then she appears every night at the same time …

Rumors of a mysterious phenomenon leaked into the city, and more than fifty people from Lincoln arrived at the depot on Saturday night to watch the apparition. They were joined by 150 workers from the night shift, and the whole crowd gathered in front of the carriage door. One engineer laughed – they say, what ghosts can be in our enlightened age, but just in case he took with him a heavy adjustable wrench.

At ten o’clock, a translucent headless figure slowly floated out in front of the crowd. The engineer rushed forward, waving the key, but suddenly stopped in front of the car and, turning pale, turned to the audience. “Gentlemen,” he said, “I have lived in the world for forty-two years, but only now I saw a ghost.”

Meanwhile, many people rushed after him to the car, but the ghost suddenly disappeared. Some later said that they were thrown back by an invisible force. It is also said that the police on Saturday night dispatched two people to watch the ghost, but when we asked for comments at the police station, they said they knew nothing about it …

They say that many years ago a woman was killed in this carriage, and the body was hidden nearby. More sober-minded people believe that workers have been the victims of massive deception. They believe that the ghost was somehow tampered with to play on their superstition.

If the ghost continues to appear on schedule, the workers can really leave the damned place. ”

Whether the story had any continuation is unknown: the newspapers did not write anything else about the ghost from the locomotive depot.


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