UFO or mysterious plane TR3B Astra flew over Texas

(ORDO NEWS) — As always, when it comes to shooting mysterious space, alien or even super-secret terrestrial aircraft, UFO witnesses not only do not know what a household telescope is, they usually do not even have a normal video camera or at least a smartphone with a decent soapbox at hand.

Therefore, an unidentified flying object of a triangular shape, recently hovering over the houses of the American city of McKinney (Texas), was again filmed, as one of the Internet users noted, as if on a smartphone released at the beginning of this century, and not on a modern an iPhone that can be found in the pocket of almost every US resident today. There is no need to talk about telescopes and other “fantastic technology” at all …

The famous Taiwanese ufologist Scott Waring, however, did not comment on the quality of the video posted on the Internet by the specialists of the American non-profit organization MUFON, which has been collecting information about UFOs for half a century. He was more interested in something else: is it an alien device or the famous American secret plane TR-3B Astra? Scott concluded that this was not a TR-3B after all, since the United States Air Force simply would not have allowed a secret military apparatus to be seen over the city. This is one hundred percent “alien”, the ufologist concludes.

And at the same time, the existence of the mysterious TR-3B Astra seems to be confirmed by Waring, although in reality there is not a single official statement in the press that such an aircraft really exists. There is so much information about him on the Internet – from enthusiastic, praising the engineering thought of American scientists, to complete ridicule of this information.

By the way, we note that there are no high-quality pictures and videos of TR-3B Astra on the World Wide Web, although there are a lot of all kinds of fakes, fantastic and terrifying. For some reason, the real silent superplane of the USA never got into the lens of not only a telescope with a good video camera, but even a decent soap dish. However, please note that “alien vehicles” are always removed somehow poorly. Either the omnipotent aliens do not want to give us such clear evidence of their presence on Earth, or the UFO witnesses are simply juggling maps (they deliberately degrade photo and video materials – this is more plausible).

In any case, the UFO over the American city of McKinney is not a TR-3B Astra, but what it really is, decide for yourself (video below) …


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