UFO-like Chinese helicopter prototype

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Recently, China has been demonstrating many new models of military equipment and weapons, but this one looks like something, say, an extraterrestrial.

The Chinese media have already dubbed this helicopter the “Big White Super-Shark.” It looks more like something from the science fiction films of the 1950s than the technique of the twenty-first century. However, China claims that this “combat helicopter” is for the “digital information battlefield of the future.”

The Global Times, a state-of-the -art English-language daily, published on its pages a series of photographs of this machine , calling it an alloy of modern and proven models, such as the American AH-64 Apache and CH-53 Sea Stallion, and Russian Ka -52 and Mi-26. It uses a “mixed wing” aerodynamic design embodied in stealth aircraft such as the American B-2 bomber.

The length of the “Big White Supercool” is 7.6 meters and a height of almost three meters. The crew of the car is two people. The schematic drawings show how the outer casing closes the rotor and engines, which, in all likelihood, makes the helicopter inconspicuous, since all its sharp corners will be covered, and it will be more difficult to detect the car with radars.

This prototype was shown last week at a helicopter exhibition in Tianjin. There was only a static demonstration. This helicopter does not fly – at least not yet.

But even if he gets to the stage of flight tests, it will not be the first helicopter to fly into the sky, which looks like a UFO.

In the 1950s, the Canadian company Avro Aircraft (AV Roe (Avro) Aircraft) developed a similar model , which was then built and tested by the US military.

Flight tests have shown that when this helicopter called VZ-9 Avrocar rises to a height of more than one meter, it becomes very unstable and can reach speeds of no more than 56 kilometers per hour, that is, less than the maximum allowed speed on American highways.

Of course, the technology has gone far ahead since 1961, when the US military abandoned the Avrokar project. And the Chinese in recent years have come to the forefront with their new military developments.

So we will observe the “Big White Super-Shark.”


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