UFO landing in France in 1790

(ORDO NEWS) — A UFO landed near Alencon, France on June 12, 1790. A large crowd of townspeople was present at this unusual phenomenon ..

“At five o’clock in the morning … several farmers saw a huge ball that seemed to be surrounded by fire … The ball slowly descended, swayed several times and fell to the top of the hill with such force that it scattered plants all over the slope.

The heat spread was so intense that the grass and small trees began to burn.

The sphere was still hot and a strong heat was spreading from it, and something unusual, if not incredible, happened: suddenly a door opened and a man like us (a woman) came out, but this man was dressed strangely, she was wearing a suit, which hugged her body, and, seeing all this crowd gathered around the ball, she said a few words that we did not understand and fled into the nearest forest.

Instinctively, the peasants staggered back in fear, and this saved them, because soon after that the sphere exploded …

The witnesses were: two mayors, a doctor … not to mention dozens of peasants who were present … ”

Police Inspector Liabeuf was ordered to investigate and write this report.


Correction: Editor who wrote this article replaced the name “Liaboyfe” with “Liabeuf” in the 7th paragraph.

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