UFO landed in Antarctica: researchers provide photos and videos

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — For all the time in Antarctica an incredible number of finds were made. Another of them is a UFO, which was noticed by ufologists in the panoramas of Google Earth. The materials show a landed object.

Initially, an alien ship was seen by explorer Marcelo Irazurast. A couple of months ago, even a video was released on his YouTube channel. I wonder why only now the video has attracted the attention of ufologists and paranormal lovers.

If you enlarge the video, you can see a disc-shaped object that lies in the snow of Graham Earth. Ufologists note that this is a UFO, although it looks like a regular piece of ice. The ship is completely made of metal.

In Google snapshots, a silver-colored object stands out from the landscape. It looks like a classic flying saucer, which everyone has repeatedly seen in science fiction films. The diameter of the object is approximately 12 meters.

Of course, not everyone believes ufologists. Some people began to write about pareidolia when the wish is perceived as real. Maybe the pictures are actually a piece of ice.


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