UFO draws crop circles (VIDEO)

(ORDO NEWS) — The phenomenon, called “Crop Circles”, or rather complex patterns appearing on fields around the world and most of all in Britain, causes a lot of controversy about their origin.

There are those who consider this a fake, though they do not specify why anyone should spend so much effort if this does not bring specific people any money or fame.

There are those who believe that UFOs are relevant to these drawings, which draw them using electromagnetic radiation.

Many have heard that there is a video that captures the process of the appearance of a drawing on the field, which three spherical UFOs project onto it, but few saw it.

There are two such records, on one the moment was taken when three spherical UFOs create a picture on the field, on the second three spherical UFOs flying above the field are visible. Both videos were shot in Britain in Wiltshire, where most of the “circles” appear.


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