UFO disclosure – doomsday a theory linking nuclear bombs, abductions, cover-ups and the phenomenon in general

(ORDO NEWS) — An interesting theory about why all the authorities of the countries of the world are so diligent in hiding everything related to the UFO phenomenon and making great efforts so that this topic remains “in the dark forest”. Why? Disclosure could kill us all.

The dark forest theory:

Briefly, the theory (popularized by Liu Cixin in The Dark Forest) suggests that aliens keep a low profile because:

All living things strive to stay alive.

– There is no way to know if other lifeforms could destroy you if given a chance.

– In the absence of guarantees, the safest option for any species is to destroy other life forms before they have a chance to do the same.

In fact, every civilization is a silent hunter. They may not want to kill other hunters, but other hunters may want to kill them, and because of this threat, the first hunter must make the first move.

If hunter A with a flintlock is watching hunter B with a spear and decides to let B go for now, hunter B might come back 100 years later with a machine gun and leave A to fend for himself.

It is in every civilization’s interest to aim their deadliest and fastest interstellar weapons at any other civilization they find and brace for the worst.

I would like to think that no matter how ruthless and terrible human civilization is, in general we are moving towards a more just, less aggressive and murderous society (very slowly). If we were a powerful, space-faring civilization, I’d like to think that we wouldn’t just blow other primitive civilizations to shreds as soon as we saw them.

A world council of leaders would be convened. Some people would demand immediate combat, while humanitarians would take a more gentle approach: Send fast, hard-to-find sentinel AIs to this primitive civilization and collect data. We would like to know:

Is primitive civilization completely hostile, destructive and aggressive, with no trend towards a more just society over hundreds of thousands of years of history. This will show if a primitive civilization would be ready to attack another civilization without hesitation.

See if a primitive civilization is also smart and cunning enough to develop methods to identify other civilizations and create interstellar weapons of mass destruction. This will show whether a primitive civilization is capable of harming another civilization.

In short, if we were a space civilization and discovered another, less powerful civilization, we would send hundreds of lookouts to directly observe whether an alien civilization is capable or eventually becomes capable and willing to harm us.

Long-range telescopes would not be enough, we would have to observe their behavior and technologies up close with the help of drones.

We will place something as simple as a large rock outside of their galaxy, and if a terrible event occurs where able and willing intersect, the lookouts will automatically launch a large rock to end their civilization. Kinetic bombardment.

Nuclear weapon:

If reports of UFO interactions with nuclear weapons are real, the Marines may recognize nuclear power (or its equivalent) as a milestone in the development of a particular civilization. They will fly by to study them, check if they pose a threat and, if necessary, develop methods to deal with the threat.


If reports of abductions are real, then sentinel UFOs could study a small sample of our population, monitor our evolution and physiology, and test whether we are naturally aggressive and hostile creatures.

Why governments are so desperate to cover up UFOs:

It would be somewhat ironic if Civ A, while sending lookouts to Civ B, accidentally allowed B to capture and reverse-engineer one of them, catapulting Civ B into a position where they could harm Civ A.

If by that time B has not become a peaceful society, A will destroy B.

Perhaps some smart person in the government figured this out and suggested that if UFOs were ever fully disclosed, the populace would demand that we study and capture the Marines in order to develop our own technology.

The moment we do this, the other Marines may instigate our total annihilation. This may explain why some factions of the government are so desperate to cover up this phenomenon. This may explain why some pilots report seeing UFOs “every day” and are told not to contact or interact with them.

Perhaps that is why governments seem to have a common mandate: “Let’s keep quiet, let’s keep quiet.”

Our curiosity is too strong, it is ingrained in us. We want to know the truth. We want to understand their technology.

If, for example, the Galileo project completely proved the existence of UFOs, we would protest and demand that the government capture the sentinels, corporations and scientists would do everything possible to dismantle the sentinels (for clean energy, or weapons, or whatever), and without achieving world peace, the moment we reveal the truth about this phenomenon, our fate will be sealed.


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