UFC President sued for sex scandal

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — UFC President Dana White has been sued for sexual extortion. Previously convicted of blackmailing the head of the promotion, a man wants to get money from him through the court, which he demanded for concealing the details of a criminal case five years ago.

The head of the Absolute Fighting Championship (UFC) Dana White, who is in a difficult situation and is desperate to save the landmark tournament of his organization, has new personal problems. As it became known to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the promoter was sued by Clark County, Nevada. The plaintiff is a real estate agent, Ernesto Joshua Ramos, who had previously been convicted of extortion.

The statement filed against White was the result of a criminal case six years ago. In 2014, Ramos blackmailed the president of the American promotion by phone and via SMS, threatening to publish a video recording of sexually explicit scenes featuring White and one of the Brazilian strippers. It is clarified that this happened after one of the league events in the department, and the girl with whom the married head of the UFC had sex had a girlfriend Ramos. She took these actions on the phone. In exchange for silence, the man demanded $ 200 thousand.

It is curious that the name of the dancer does not appear in the materials of the criminal case. According to the article, White paid her $ 200 thousand for two years ($ 10 thousand for each dance and subsequent sex).

Later, the extortionist was arrested by FBI officers and sentenced to a year in prison (or rather, to 366 days), completely repenting and admitting his guilt. When Ramos was released from prison, he claims that he made a deal with the promoter, according to which White’s name will not appear anywhere, for which he will pay the blackmailer $ 450 thousand.

Now Ramos claims that the money from the president of the largest fighting promotion of the world did not wait. Thus, White allegedly violated a clause in a non-disclosure transaction concluded in April 2016, which is why they were sued against him. Among other things, Ramos now also claims that there was no extortion for which he served time, and the then lawyers of the head of the UFC, who transmitted the FBI “derogatory information about him,” were to blame for his conclusion.

The UFC president has already confirmed that he is indeed facing a lawsuit, and Ramos’s lawyer is Jan Christofferson, convicted in 2012 for tax evasion. The promoter does not consider the charges against him to be substantiated and does not intend to pay the ex-blackmailer, which, according to him, the court will also be convinced of the lawsuit.

“I just found out that an unlawful lawsuit was filed against me. This guy went to federal prison for trying to extort money from me more than five years ago. Now he has hired a lawyer, who is also a convicted criminal, and is trying to extort money from me again. He did not receive money from me last time, and he will not receive money from me this time.

I look forward to the court dismissing the lawsuit so that I can get rid of these scum forever, ”White said.

Recall that the 50-year-old White has been married since 1996, and he met his future wife Ann in his youth. The couple had three children: sons Dan III and Aidan, as well as daughter Savannah.

Nevertheless, White does not maintain a warm relationship with all members of the family. So, two years ago, the details of Dana’s personal life were revealed by his mother, June. She claimed that her son was sitting on steroids, and his marriage became a “clown” because of numerous betrayals. Among other things, the woman said that White deceived his dying grandmother, promising to provide her with the best treatment, after which he simply disappeared and did not come to the funeral.

“He is not a good person, it seems his character has changed. He just talks terribly with women and treats them. I raised him differently. He sleeps with the octagon girls. There are at least two that I know of.

It was obvious that they had a relationship with Dana. And he was sleeping with his wife’s sister in my house, I was just furious! ” She said in an interview.

The UFC president himself prefers not to talk about his personal life, but did not hide that, for example, a party in honor of Aidan’s 16th birthday cost him more than $ 1 million. He spent about the same amount on Dana Jr.’s 16th birthday . As gifts, the promoter’s sons receive expensive items and cars, and on holidays their father invites leading American artists, including Kendrick Lamar, DJ Carnage, Everlast, ASAP Rocky and Migos.


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