Uber drivers banned from turning left

(ORDO NEWS) — Uber has restricted drivers of its own service from turning left during trips. This is reported by the publication HotHardware.

Journalists referred to company materials, according to which Uber began to deploy a new technology for building trips.

According to experts, the service for calling and paying for a taxi will reduce the number of left turns for car drivers.

The new algorithm in the navigation application will build the route in such a way that the number of maneuvers associated with turning left is minimal.

Representatives of Uber noted that such maneuvers associated with a change in direction and a U-turn are most dangerous on public roads.

Experts referred to the report of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), according to which 22 percent of accidents are associated with a left turn.

In fact, the new software will prohibit drivers from making such a maneuver if there is an alternative.

Also, while driving through intersections, the application will warn drivers about the presence of intersecting traffic.

According to journalists, changes to the Uber app will not completely avoid left turns, but will reduce their number to a minimum.

According to representatives of the service, the innovation will not affect the time and cost of the trip.


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