Two Tu-142 conducted a 12-hour patrol over the neutral waters of the Pacific Ocean

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Two Russian long-range anti-submarine Tu-142M3* aircraft spent many hours patrolling the Pacific Ocean without violating international standards, the Pacific Fleet said on Saturday.

“Today, two long-range Tu-142MZ anti-submarine aircraft of the Pacific Fleet’s naval aviation completed a planned flight over the neutral waters of the Pacific Ocean. The flight lasted about 12 hours. During this time, the aircraft covered a route length of 9,000 kilometers,” the fleet’s message said.

The military emphasized that the flight was part of a combat training program for anti-submarine crews and was in strict accordance with international airspace regulations. In March, the Pacific Fleet reported the flight of two Tu-142s near Alaska.

Then the command of the aerospace defense of North America reported that to escort two Russian long-range anti-submarine aircraft approaching Alaska, Canadian and US Air Force fighters took off.

Russian strategic aviation – Tu-160 and Tu-95MS, as well as anti-submarine aircraft Tu-142 and Il-38 regularly fly over the neutral waters of the Arctic, North Atlantic, Black and Baltic Seas, and the Pacific Ocean.

*  Tu-142 – a long-range anti-submarine defense aircraft, one of the largest in the world. Designed to deal with the submarines of a potential enemy, create and control for a long time anti-submarine lines of great length. According to the codification of NATO – Bear-F. The practical range of the Tu-142 is 12550 km, combat radius of action is 6400 km.


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