Two tiger cubs with the rarest color were born in the Zaporozhye region

(ORDO NEWS) — Truly happy spring this year at the Safari zoo (Berdyansk, Zaporizhzhya region). Here two Bengal tiger cubs were born with a congenital mutation, which gives a unique color to these animals. These are some of the rarest wild cats in the world.

These predators are unique because of the color of their fur: both parents and cubs are white Bengal tigers. Absolutely all animals with this color that live in zoos today descended from one ancestor – a Bengal tiger named Mohan.

Two tiger cubs: a boy and a girl feel great. The kittens are absolutely healthy. The girl has a white color with black stripes, and the boy has no stripes at all.

There are no such cats in the wild. Due to the color of their coat, they simply do not survive in the wild. The last specimen was shot in the jungle over 60 years ago. Today there are about 130 individuals around the world, they live in zoos and reserves. About 100 white tigers live in Indonesia.

It is not the first time that a pair of white Bengal tigers have produced such unique offspring in Berdyansk. The babies have not yet been given names, and soon the mother tigress should start taking them out into the street. When the animals grow up and get stronger, they will be sent to another zoo.


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