Two stars collide in the night sky in 2022

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(ORDO NEWS) — Larry Molnar, a professor at the Apache Point Observatory at the University of Wyoming, made the announcement. He claims that in 2022, people will be able to observe incredible changes in the night sky. This is a very rare occurrence, because it is not possible to watch stars collide every day.

Reported by The Astrophysical Journal.

It is virtually impossible to predict an explosion in space. The real odds are 1 in 1,000,000. Professor Molnar calculated that two stars would crash into each other in 2022. Now these two celestial bodies have formed a single system and revolve around each other. The collision will take place in the constellation Cygnus.

Larry Molnar has been studying the star KIC 9832227 for many years. Since 2013, the activity of this celestial body has been studied at the Apache Point Observatory. Molnar was then inspired by another professor’s speech. He and his research assistant, Daniel Van Noord, are overseeing KIC 9832227.

They noticed how a celestial body and another one rotate among themselves, have a common atmosphere. Bodies are gravitationally bound together. Over time, the orbits and gravity of the stars began to shift. Observations show that this will cause the stars to crash into each other.

If this prediction really comes true, then astronomers in the future will be able to predict the next explosions, thanks to Molnar’s method.


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