Two spacewalking astronauts caught on camera from Earth

(ORDO NEWS) — Nowadays, we are used to photographs of astronauts inside the International Space Station as they fly in zero gravity and conduct their science experiments. We even get used to images of astronauts going into outer space. But this is something new.

An image of two astronauts in outer space, taken from the ground.

Two spacewalking astronauts caught on camera from Earth 2

The photographer is Sebastian Woltmer, an award-winning German photographer published in Sky and Telescope and many other publications.

His astrophotographs have been featured in exhibitions at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC, at the Carl Zeiss Planetarium in Stuttgart, and in many other places.

Voltmer took the picture on March 23rd. It shows US astronaut Raja Chari and German astronaut Matthias Maurer during a six-hour spacewalk to install the camera and carry out maintenance and upgrades.

The Voltmer image is the first ground-based image of two ISS astronauts going out into outer space.


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