Two polished balls found in a Scottish tomb

(ORDO NEWS) — Specialists from Scotland were engaged in the study of an ancient burial site, which is located in the Orkney Islands. There they managed to find strange artifacts. It was not immediately possible to establish their intended purpose. The finds were two balls of stone that were perfectly polished.

Reported by the Daily Mail.

The age of the investigated tomb is believed to be 5500 years. It is located in a huge rock, which gradually began to crumble from time to time. That is why historians are trying to quickly study it, until it finally collapses.

The tomb is divided into several separate chambers. At the same time, the discovered balls were kept in the compartment that dates back to the early Neolithic. The balls are small in size and somewhat resemble cricket balls. Their diameter is about 5 cm. The peculiarity of the balls is that they have an “ideal” spherical shape.

During excavations in Europe, experts have already found such balls. There are about 500 of them in total. In Scotland, this find was already the twentieth.

The purpose of the balls is still unknown. Experts offer different theories. Some believe that the artifacts could be used for fortune telling or ceremonies of a religious nature. Others attribute the finds to weapons, tools with which they processed leather, and moved building blocks.

Along with the balls, the remains of animals and people, ceramics, as well as many other stone artifacts were found in the tomb. A stone pyramid, which dates back to the Bronze Age, was an amazing find. This type of burial of the dead is characteristic only of the Orkney Islands.


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