Two pilots spot green UFO flying over Canada

(ORDO NEWS) — The pilots, who flew two different planes, noticed a mysterious green UFO in the clouds over the Gulf of St. Lawrence. It swept at great speed and then disappeared into the distance over the Atlantic coast of Canada.

It is reported by Live Science.

On August 11, a report was published stating that two flights at once witnessed the incident. The bright green object first flew into the cloud, and then completely disappeared from sight. The great news is that this facility has not affected flights.

One of the planes was military. He was heading to the city of Cologne, located in Germany. The second witness was the pilot of a passenger flight flying to Amsterdam from Boston.

Steffan Watkins studied the provided data in detail and noted that during the meeting with the object, the military plane increased the altitude to 300 meters. The reason could be that the pilot wanted to avoid a collision or was planning to get a better view of the green flying device. Some experts have suggested that it could be a meteor that swept through the clouds at incredible speed.

It is worth noting that the Canadian Department of National Defense does not conduct any UFO sightings. This is done exclusively by the US Department of Defense today. In 2021, the Pentagon published a report stating that just recently, US Navy pilots have recorded 140 cases associated with UFOs.


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