Two parts of one antique lamp found in different countries of the world

(ORDO NEWS) — Israeli archaeologists have discovered half of a bronze oil lamp in Jerusalem. Half of the lamp is made in the form of a man’s face. The male outlines are clearly visible on the lamp. This artifact is more than 2000 years old, it was found in the foundation on the territory of the Pilgrimage Road in the ancient city of David.

The Times of Israel reports.

Restorers, restoring the original appearance of the lamp, found a wick made of linen fabric inside it. Now scientists are investigating the composition with which the wick was impregnated. This is the first time that a lamp in the shape of a human face has been found in Jerusalem. Scientists immediately shared the news of the find on social networks.

Archaeologists from Budapest responded to this publication. Back in 2012, Hungarian archaeologists found an identical half of the lamp. They assume that these are two parts of the same product.

The point is that these two parts are the same size. The Hungarian artifact has a depressed connecting groove, and the Israeli one has a protruding one. Chances are good that they can be connected. If this is really 1 piece, it will be interesting to know how its halves ended up scattered in different countries.


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