Twitter to restrict access for Russian state propagandists

(ORDO NEWS) — Twitter will restrict access to Russian state media. Previously, such a step was resorted to in Meta (Facebook and Instagram), as well as in the European Union.

Russian propagandists who receive funds from the state budget of the Russian Federation may be left without access to social networks. Twitter leadership will also restrict their access.

Even before that, the company began labeling messages posted by Russian state media.

In addition, Twitter banned new users from Russia from registering.

Thus, Twitter joined the others who imposed sanctions on Russian propagandists after the war against Ukraine.

Before that, on February 24, the first day of the war that Russia launched against Ukraine, Meta imposed restrictions on the publication of four Russian media outlets.

The administration of the social network marked the materials of the Russian media as unreliable and imposed technical restrictions on the search results of publications. This caused outrage in Roskomnadzor, and they slowed down access to the social network.

Subsequently, Meta banned Russian state-owned media from distributing ads and earning ad revenue on its platforms.

The next step was that Facebook and Instagram restricted access to RT and Sputnik in the EU. But after that, both channels stopped broadcasting in the EU.


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