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Twins were born 15 minutes apart, but in different years

twins were born 15 minutes apart but in different years

(ORDO NEWS) — The twins were born 15 minutes apart, but in different years. One baby was born before midnight in 2021, and the second – exactly at midnight New 2022.

The incident took place in the US state of California. Fatima Madrigal gave birth to a son, Alfredo Antonio Trujillo at 11:45 pm. Just 15 minutes later, he had a sister, Alfredo Eileen Yolanda Trujillo.

The girl was born weighing 5 pounds 14 ounces, and her older brother – 6 pounds 1 ounce, according to the NY Post.

“It’s surprising to me that this happened. My children have different birthdays,” said the mother of the newborns.

In turn, the family doctor at the hospital, Dr. Ana Abril Arias, called this birth “one of the most memorable” of her career. In the family of Fatima Madrigal and her husband Roberto Trujillo, two more girls and a boy are brought up.


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