Tupac Shakur’s last words exposed as he lay bleeding after fatal shooting

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NEW YORK, BRONX (ORDO News) — The hip-hop star was killed in a drive-by shooting in 1996 while stopped at a red light in Nevada, with four bullets entering his body from a .40 caliber Glock. Two hit the star in the chest, one in the arm and one in the thigh. Six days later, the rapper died in hospital from his injuries, and his murder went unsolved for decades.

He was just 25 years old at the time of his death, but that proved old and wise enough to offer a truly selfless sentiment as he lay bleeding out. His final words were used to warn fellow rapper and Tupac’s childhood friend E.D.I. Mean to get down, fearing he would be shot – this time by police.

According to a court transcript obtained by The Sun, E.D.I. (real name Malcolm Greenidge) was asked: “What do you do when you get to the passenger side of the vehicle?” before he responded: “Asked him is he okay, how he’s doing, trying to see, you know, what condition he was in.”

Tupac Shakurs last words exposed as he lay bleeding after fatal shooting 1
Tupac Shakur

Tupac then apparently responded: “Get on the ground, they’re going to shoot you.” When asked what that referred to, Greenidge said: “He’s referring to the officers who were eventually at the scene.”

Though E.D.I. didn’t notice anyone at first, he then saw a cop pointing a gun at him, and apparently warned: “Get on the ground or I’ll shoot you.” Greenidge says he got down on the ground and was detained at the scene by police, as Suge Knight urged paramedics to go to Tupac’s side.

The rapper reportedly remained “very calm, he wasn’t moving much”, while the men arrested were forced to lie out on the “hot as hell” tarmac for a “very long time” by cops.

The latest reveal comes as a man was charged with Tupac’s murder after 27 years. Duane ‘Keefe D’ Davis has been charged with the slaying, after admitting publicly to being inside the Cadillac during the attack. He was part of Pac’s rival gang the Crips.

Police outlined his motive as seeking revenge for an attack on Davis’ nephew, Orlando Anderson. In a statement, Sheriff Kevin McMahill said that for “27 years, the family of Tupac Shakur has waited for justice”.

Tupac Shakurs last words exposed as he lay bleeding after fatal shooting 3
Duane ‘Keefe D’ Davis was charged with Tupac’s murder

He added: “It has taken countless hours, really decades, of work by homicide section to get to where we are today. Some people did not believe that the murder of Tupac Shakur was important to this police department, that was not the case back then and that is not the case today.

“Our goal has always been to hold those accountable for Pac’s violent murder. Every life that is lost is important and remains a priority for this police department.”

In a 2018 interview, Davis implicated his nephew Anderson, saying he was one of two people in the back seat where the shots were fired. And though Anderson and Tupac were involved in a fight shortly before the incident, he is not the one charged with murder.

Tupac Shakur’s last words show that even in the face of death, he was still thinking of others. He was a true icon and his music continues to inspire people around the world.


News agencies contributed to this report, edited and published by ORDO News editors.

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