Tucker Carlson spoke about the death of the US military due to contacts with UFOs

(ORDO NEWS) — Tucker Carlson recently made shocking claims about the US military and its involvement in unidentified flying objects (UFOs).

During a podcast appearance, Carlson shared a conversation he had with a Stanford professor who claimed to have studied more than 100 military deaths due to head injuries caused by UFO encounters.

Although the US military has denied these claims, the topic of UFOs and their potential impact on national security continues to be a source of controversy among experts and officials alike.

During a recent appearance on the Full Dispatch podcast, Carlson recounted a conversation he had with a Stanford professor whom Carlson said was assigned by the U.S. Department of Defense more than 10 years ago to investigate military deaths due to brain injuries caused by UFOs.

A professor who specializes in traumatic brain injury allegedly studied the brains of more than 100 military personnel who died after such clashes.

He also claimed that there were dozens of open court cases supporting his findings.

Carlson said on the podcast that in some cases, these UFOs have landed on military bases and military personnel have approached them, resulting in brain injury or even death.

Carlson expressed his surprise that these incidents did not receive much media coverage.

However, the US Department of Defense denied these claims. According to Department of Defense spokeswoman Susan Gough, “this story is false.” The Pentagon declined to comment further on the matter.

The topic of UFOs has always been controversial, and the military’s denial of these claims is not surprising.

However, as more information is revealed and further investigations are carried out, it remains to be seen what impact this will have on the military and the public at large.

Recent developments in UFO research

In recent months, UFOs have taken center stage in military discussions. Last week, Sean Kirkpatrick, head of the Pentagon’s Office of Anomaly Control, co-authored with Harvard University Astronomy Department Chairman Abraham Loeb, wrote a report: “Physical Limits on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.”

It explores the possibility that alien ships could send search probes throughout the solar system.

The authors speculate that the interstellar object could be a parent ship, releasing several small probes during its close pass to Earth.

This report comes after weeks of increased attention to unidentified aerial phenomena caused by a Chinese balloon entering US airspace.

While the US military denies Tucker Carlson’s claims of military deaths from head injuries caused by UFOs, the continued interest in UFOs highlights the public’s curiosity and thirst for understanding these mysterious phenomena.

As scientists continue to investigate the existence and potential consequences of UFO encounters, the line between fact and fiction remains blurred.

The public can only hope that the upcoming research will shed light on these mysterious phenomena and their possible impact on humans.


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