Trump supporters create anti-Biden group

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Former US Vice President, who served during the presidency of Donald Trump, Michael Pence announced the emergence of the advocacy group “America’s Freedom Advancement” to defend conservative values ​​and oppose the policies of the current head of state Joe Biden. It is reported by the Washington Post newspaper.

“Promoting America’s Freedom” plans to build on the success of the past four years by promoting conservative values ​​and the successful policies of the Trump administration … Conservatives will not stand aside as the radical left and the new administration try to threaten America’s reputation as the world’s greatest nation with destructive policies.” – fragments of Pence’s statement are given in the edition.

Members of the group will be representatives of the conservative movement and supporters of Trump, some of them were part of his administration. The main topics they will deal with will be foreign policy, economics and “American freedoms”, in particular, the choice of schools for children, etc.

According to the publication, the purpose of creating the group is Pence’s desire to maintain leadership as a notable conservative and to ensure himself the opportunity to participate in the elections in 2024.

On November 3, a general election was held in the United States. According to the official data of the electoral vote, Joe Biden received 306 votes from the states, and Donald Trump – 232. As a result, Biden became the 46th president of the United States.

However, Trump later said that his political career was not over yet. Democrats will “decisively lose” the presidential election in 2024, he said. The politician reiterated the claim that he was the winner of the 2020 presidential race.


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