Trump says his 2016 election victory prevented a war with North Korea

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — US President Donald Trump said his 2016 election victory prevented a military conflict with the DPRK. He made this statement in an interview published on Tuesday with the New York Post.

“Remember how everyone claimed that I would start the war within 24 hours [after taking office as president] because of my character? Those people didn’t understand me,” he said. “Look at North Korea – where is the war?” He continued. “If you had not been elected, you would have been at war with North Korea, you would have been at war right now.”

According to him, the number of US troops abroad has declined in recent years. “Just look at how things are going with the troops,” he said. “Now the situation is completely different. We have reduced them to 8 thousand in Afghanistan, to 4 thousand in Iraq, to ​​zero in Syria. This is a completely different situation, it completely different from what people thought.”

“This does not mean that we will not fight if we have to. But we spent $ 8 trillion as a result of one of the most unsuccessful decisions ever made – to intervene in the Middle East,” he continued. “Perhaps this was the worst decision in our country’s history is to intervene in the Middle East. Millions of people have died on both sides. ”

“We acted like a police force,” he went on to say. “We were a bit of a patrol police officer. We didn’t wage the war the way it should be done to win. I would call it the worst decision in the history of our country.”

When asked how he would like to remain in history, Donald Trump said that he would like to be remembered as a great president. “I think my legacy will be that I was a great president,” he said. “This is what I would like. That I was a great president, that I cared for people, that I protected people.”

73-year-old Donald Trump is seeking re-election as US President for a second four-year term in the upcoming November 3 elections.


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