Trump made very high-profile accusations in the direction of China

(ORDO NEWS) — Donald Trump, who is currently the current president of the United States, is convinced that the main culprits for the spread of the coronavirus epidemic around the world are not only China, but also the World Health Organization.

The president made such a statement during a press conference that took place a few days ago.

As Donald Trump put it, all countries are victims of terrifying negligence.

“Today, the world is suffering from illegal actions that were carried out by the Chinese government. Due to the fact that China has been hiding the truth about the virus for a long time, it has given the time for infection to penetrate all corners of the planet, which caused not only a terrible pandemic, but also the death of a huge number of people in America and around the world.”

The president also added that the Chinese government can control WHO, despite paying organizations no more than $ 40 million a year. In turn, the United States allocates at least 450 million each year for the development of the organization.

America is interested in not only open, but also constructive relations between the US and China. At the same time, everything possible must be done to protect the country.

“China has for a long time violated these promises not only of the United States, but of all other countries,” said Donald Trump.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that accusations in the direction of China came from other European leaders. They reproached the Beijing authorities for providing incomplete data about a possible threat not only to China itself, but also to other states.

As of June 1, almost 6.2 million cases of coronavirus infection were registered in the world. 372 thousand patients died from infection.

Recently, Trump began to criticize other organizations, which, he believes, are not fully laid out in order to solve global problems that are relevant today. For example, the club of the Big Seven was last criticized. His summit was scheduled for June.


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