Trump “lost taste” for a trade deal with China

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US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — US President Donald Trump said he had lost his taste for the US-China trade deal.

Trump said he did not want to talk with Chinese President Xi Jinping. The American leader replied that the PRC is spending a lot in the framework of a trade deal, but the US president has lost his taste for it.

He was also asked if he was ready to return a number of customs duties on Chinese goods. In response, Trump said that he was not ready to talk about it now. “I can say that China buys a lot of our goods,” Trump said, recalling that soon after the conclusion of the first phase of the agreement, China reported an outbreak of coronavirus in the country. “So we’re not thrilled,” he said.

Earlier it was reported that Trump refused to revise the terms of the first phase of a trade deal with China. According to the pro-government Chinese newspaper The Global Times, unnamed advisers suggest that the Chinese authorities are again considering invalidating the trade deal with the United States and discussing more favorable conditions for the Celestial Empire.

However, Trump said he was not interested in this.

According to the terms of the first phase of the trade deal, in the next two years, Beijing is expected to purchase US $ 200 billion worth of American goods and services, while Washington has agreed to begin a phased reduction in tariffs on Chinese products.


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