Trump: it’s time to return US economic activity back to normal

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — US President Donald Trump believes that, despite the difficult epidemiological situation, the time has come to return economic activity in the country back to normal.

“Our expert group agreed that the next battlefield in our war will again be the discovery of America. And we are doing just that – we are opening our country, and we must do this – America needs to be open,” Trump said at a White House briefing.

According to him, a long suspension of activity cannot be a long-term solution. “To preserve the health of our citizens, it is necessary to maintain our economy,” said Trump. “Our approach consists of three phases to restore economic life,” the president explained.

He noted that the restart of the economy will not occur simultaneously in the country, and that economic activity in some states will resume faster than in others. Trump said that these rates depend on the epidemiological situation prevailing in a particular state.

He also said that against the backdrop of the resumption of economic activity, it is necessary to prevent new cases of the import of coronavirus from abroad.

“Border control, restrictions on movements, and other measures are more important than ever to keep the virus under control and allow Americans to get back to work,” the president said.

US authorities, in which the situation with the coronavirus COVID-19 is not dangerous, can, if desired, begin a phased resumption of economic activity as early as Friday, Trump said. “They can begin to open the economy literally tomorrow,” he said.

Earlier, Trump made it clear that state governors themselves will decide when they should relax the restrictions imposed to fight against coronavirus. According to the President of the United States, almost 30 states may in the very near future consider removing some of the restrictions and begin the process of a phased return to normal.

“The rest of the states are successfully solving problems that still remain,” he added.

At the same time, Trump said that the country should be ready in case of a new wave of coronavirus COVID-19 later this year. “Some scientists believe that the virus can return in the fall. And in this case, we must be prepared to quickly deal with the foci of infection,” he said. Trump explained that such quick action will allow to fight against coronavirus without covering a significant part of the country’s economy.


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