Trump doubted the legality of OPEC

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US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — US President Donald Trump expressed bewilderment at the existence of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) during a White House briefing. The broadcast was conducted on the presidential administration page on Twitter.

“I have opposed OPEC all my life because what is it? This is illegal (structure), you can call it a cartel, you can call it a monopoly,” Trump said.

He added that OPEC and its decisions are unfair to the United States.

The American leader also added that he would be ready to introduce duties on imported oil to protect “tens of thousands of jobs in the United States,” if circumstances so require.

The first actions of Donald Trump, who was elected President of the United States on November 8, 2016, were tax reform and liberalization of state regulation of the economy.

– Background –

The reform, which significantly reduced the tax burden on citizens and enterprises, was designed to return offshore capital to the United States. The abolition of more than a thousand restrictive norms in state regulation of the economy should contribute to economic growth and the creation of new jobs. Although experts do not have a common opinion on the success or failure of Trump’s economic policy, macroeconomic indicators are improving.

One of Trump’s first actions as president was to leave the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which was promoted by the previous administration and implied the complete abolition of customs duties in the Asia-Pacific region.

Trump was not able to cancel Obamacare’s health insurance system, named after former President Barack Obama, which facilitates access to health care for the poor, but at the same time puts an unnecessary burden on taxpayers and the health insurance system. Also, Trump has not yet been able to introduce the promised restrictions in immigration policy, including the abolition of the immigration lottery and the construction of a wall on the border with Mexico.

Donald Trump has launched great activity in the foreign policy direction. Although he promised not to use military force to “build democracy” around the world, the changes are not yet very noticeable. It requires NATO partners to increase defense spending.

Trump’s DPRK nuclear disarmament efforts in 2017 led to a dangerous crisis. The US withdrawal from the agreement on the Iranian nuclear program, known as the “nuclear deal”, as well as the recognition of the Golan Heights as the territory of Israel, and Jerusalem as its capital, do not add security in the Middle East.

Despite initial successes in establishing trade relations with China, relations between the two countries went into a “trade war.” European countries are also unhappy with the customs restrictions that Trump imposes as part of his promise to “make America great again.”


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