Trump counts on Nobel Prize in medicine

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Donald Trump on Monday called himself the main contender for this year’s Nobel Prize in medicine. The president called it his “impressive accomplishment.”

According to Trump, “The Nobel in his pocket” thanks to his innovative use of hydroxychloroquine.

“I talked so much about hydroxychloroquine that people decided that I invented it,” Trump said. “And the inventors of such drugs are entitled to the Nobel Prize.”

The President emphasized that his lack of medical education does not prevent him from receiving it.

“On the contrary,” he remarked, “the fact that I am not a doctor makes my medical achievements even more impressive.”

According to Trump, he hopes that the Nobel Committee more equitably distributes medicine prizes than peace prizes.

“I am a peacemaker, I am a great peacemaker – and where is my peace prize?” Trump asked. “If they don’t give me the medicine prize, it means that there are scammers there.”

According to him, his medical discoveries “amaze” doctors from the White House working group on coronavirus.

“When I present my ideas, Tony Fauci only shakes his head,” the president said.


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