Trump: China against my re-election for a second term

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — US President Donald Trump said that China’s attitude towards the outbreak of coronavirus is evidence that Beijing will “do everything possible” so that the incumbent US president does not win the election in November, reports Reuters.

In an interview with the agency in the Oval Office, Trump adhered to tough rhetoric about China and said that he was considering various options in terms of the consequences of communication and the consequences for Beijing of the spread of coronavirus in the world.

“I can do a lot,” said the head of the White House.

Trump blames China for the global pandemic, which, according to Reuters, claimed the lives of at least 60 thousand people in the United States and led the U.S. economy to a deep recession, which threatened the re-election of Donald Trump for another four-year term.

The Republican President, often accused of not taking early steps to prepare the United States for the spread of the coronavirus, continued to state that China should have informed the world about the coronavirus earlier and more actively.

When asked what measures Washington could take against China, however, he did not disclose details. “I can do a lot,” he said. “We’ll see what happened.”

“China will do everything possible for me to lose this (pre-election) race,” Trump said. He also believes that Beijing wants its Democratic opponent Joe Biden to win the race to ease the pressure Trump has put on China over trade and other issues.

“They constantly use public relations, trying to make them look like they are innocent parties,” he said of Chinese officials.

Trump emphasized that the trade deal he concluded with Chinese President Xi Jinping, aimed at reducing the chronic US trade deficit with China, was undermined by the economic consequences of coronavirus.

A senior Trump administration spokesman, speaking on condition of anonymity, said on Wednesday that the unofficial “truce” in the verbal war, which Trump and Xi essentially agreed to in a telephone conversation in late March, now seems to have ended.

The two leaders promised that their governments would do their best to work together to contain the coronavirus. In recent days, Washington and Beijing have been exchanging increasingly harsh allegations about the origin of the virus and its response.

However, Trump and his main aides, reinforcing their anti-Chinese rhetoric, did not directly criticize Xi, whom the US president has repeatedly called his “friend.”

As previously reported, the National Republican Senate Committee sent out a detailed 57-page note written by one of the leading Republican strategists advising Republican candidates to blame China for the world’s coronavirus pandemic.

The document contains advice on all issues – from how to connect Democratic candidates with the Chinese government, and how to deal with allegations of racism.

The document emphasizes three main lines of attack: that China caused the coronavirus pandemic by “covering itself up”, that Democrats are too “soft on China” and that Republicans will “seek sanctions against China for its role in spreading this pandemic.”


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