Trump announces the “victorious return” of US to the stars

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US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — US President Donald Trump has described the launch of the “Falcon 9” rocket carrying the “Crew Dragon” spacecraft as the “victorious return” of the United States to the stars.

“We gathered today in this wonderful place to celebrate not only the launch of a new spacecraft, but the courageous and triumphant return to the stars. It is a special day,” Trump said in a statement at the Space Airport in Canaveral, Florida, from which the launch took place.

He added: “The former leaders pushed the United States to rely on foreign forces, which sent our astronauts into orbit. This will not happen again. We are now proudly sending American astronauts aboard American missiles, which are the best in the world, from here, from American soil.”

Trump confirmed that the spacecraft had successfully reached the low orbit around Earth, indicating that its crew, two astronauts, are in good condition.

He continued: “After this launch, we officially passed the decades of lost years and impotent measures. A new era for American ambitions began.”

The launch of SpaceX‘s “Falcon 9” missile, which would deliver the crew of the “Crew Dragon” spacecraft to the International Space Station, is the first manned flight the United States has made from its soil in 9 years.

NASA suspended the launch of manned flights from US soil in 2011, and US astronauts have since been sent to the International Space Station with Russian Soyuz missiles.


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