Trump announced the termination of relations with WHO

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — US President Donald Trump said that Washington is breaking all relations with the World Health Organization.

According to the American leader, such a decision was made due to WHO‘s refusal to carry out the required reforms. Trump noted that the United States today breaks relations with the organization and redirects funds worldwide to urgent health needs. According to the American leader, Washington provided WHO with a detailed reform plan, but they refused to meet them.

Donald Trump during a press conference said that it was China and WHO who were to blame for the spread of coronavirus . According to him, Beijing was hiding information about the Wuhan infection, which allowed it to spread around the world.

The President noted that the unlawful actions of the Chinese government led to a global pandemic and killed hundreds of thousands of Americans and more than a million people in the whole world.

Trump believes that China has full control of WHO, despite the fact that Beijing pays only $ 40 million a year, and the United States about $ 450 million. The head of the United States noted that Washington wants to have open and constructive relations with the PRC, but in order to achieve these relations, the Americans need to protect national interests.

Earlier, the head of the United States wrote a letter to the Director of WHO Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. In it, Trump wrote that the United States will completely sever financial relations with the organization if it does not carry out the reforms required by America within thirty days.

According to the president, his administration conducted an investigation that proved WHO’s unsuccessful response to the coronavirus pandemic.


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