Trump and Netanyahu use a pandemic to realize their dirty plans

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — While many countries are struggling with the biggest catastrophe since World War II, Washington and Tel Aviv pulled out a dossier on the annexation of the West Bank. Pompeo made his first foreign visit since the outbreak to Israel. The unilateral plan of “absorption” of Palestine is again laid on the table. This means that Trump and Netanyahu are trying to turn the epidemic into an opportunity to realize their dirty intentions.

Israel, where elections were held three times over the past year, and after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu formed a coalition with his main opponent Benny Gantz, domestic political unrest subsided, turned his eyes again to the plan to tear away new territories from Palestine. Before this forced coalition set to work, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visited Israel to discuss Netanyahu’s previously announced plan to recognize Israel’s sovereignty over illegal Jewish settlements on the West Bank and the annexation of the Jordan Valley by Israel.

Pompeo held talks with Netanyahu and Ganz. In his first statement, Pompeo said he was glad to be in Israel, and noted: “We are fighting two critical threats: covid-19 and Iran. Israel and the United States will solve these problems side by side.”

As for the plan to join Israel illegal Jewish settlements in the West Bank and Jordan Valley, which is Palestinian territory, Pompeo limited himself to the following statement: “We still have a lot of work to do, and we must make progress in this direction.”

Although Pompeo shied away from annexation issues, which were the main agenda item for this visit, tensions remain in Palestine. On the eve of the Israeli military killed a Palestinian teenager named Zeyd Fazıl Kaysie in the city of Al-Khalil on the West Bank because he threw a stone at them. And the day before this incident, an Israeli soldier was killed during a detention operation near the city of Jenin.

According to The New York Times, a cartographic committee formed by American and Israeli officials draws up a border plan, according to which 30% of the West Bank will be transferred to Israel. The annexation plan is provoking a violent reaction in the international arena, including from the European Union. Under these conditions, Pompeo’s visit is intended to show

The annexation, which is envisaged in the Middle East plan, prepared by US President Donald Trump and presented as a “deal of the century”, was Netanyahu’s most important election promise. Netanyahu is now striving to fulfill these promises during Trump’s presidency. As the coalition agreement provides, Netanyahu will be able to submit its plans for consideration by parliament from July 1. Israeli media suggest that first, partial annexation will take place on the West Bank, and settlements created outside East Jerusalem will be annexed to Israeli territory.

Palestine takeover plan

The Middle East plan, announced by Trump in early January this year, gives the Palestinians the opportunity to create their own state under very difficult conditions. The plan also lights the green light for illegal Jewish settlements on the West Bank and the annexation by Israel of the strategically important Jordan Valley.

Thus, the plan provides for the transfer of about 30% of the West Bank to Israel. In addition, the plan states that unbroken between Israel and the Palestinians, Jerusalem will be the capital of Israel. On the map prepared by Trump, Israel surrounds the borders of Palestine, while the West Bank and Gaza Strip are planned to be connected only by a tunnel. During the Six Day War of 1967, Israel occupied the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Palestinians who want to bring these regions back and create a state with a capital in East Jerusalem strongly oppose Trump’s Middle East plan. The plan also meets with strong reaction from the international community.


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