True color of the sun is white

(ORDO NEWS) — Invite someone to draw the Sun , and he will most likely immediately reach for a yellow pencil.

This is quite normal, considering that we have chosen this color since childhood, drawing a ridiculous house and a smiling Sun in the corner of the sheet.

What’s wrong? It is enough to go outside on a clear sunny day and make sure that our star is definitely yellow. In addition, you can look at astronomical pictures, and the Sun will also be yellow there …

However, the true color of the Sun is white.

When white sunlight passes through the earth’s atmosphere, part of the spectrum of rays is absorbed, and the “residual spectrum”, reaching the eyes, creates a stable illusion of yellow.

In many astrophotos that can be easily found on the Internet, astronomers deliberately change the color of the Sun to make it more recognizable.

True color of the sun is white 2

The pronounced white color of the Sun is directly related to the temperature of its surface, which is 5505 degrees Celsius. But stars with a surface temperature, for example, above 10,000 Kelvin (9727 degrees Celsius) have a blue color.


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