Triceratops Big John found wounds that he received from relatives

(ORDO NEWS) — Big John is the largest surviving dinosaur skeleton. In a new study, scientists have concluded that this extremely massive Triceratops was not averse to fighting with relatives.

In a new study published in Scientific Reports , scientists analyzed Big John fossils and found holes in the collar of a Tricertops.

Around the small hole (about the size of a keyhole) there were signs of plaque-like bone deposits, which scientists believe could have developed after inflammation, possibly due to infection.

They also found that the damaged bone was very porous and contained a large number of blood vessels, indicating that the bone was recently formed compared to that which makes up the rest of Big John’s collar.

Signs of inflammation and regeneration of the bone indicate that the injury was sustained in combat and has since healed somewhat.

Who pierced Big John’s collar?

Triceratops Big John found wounds that he received from relatives 2

According to scientists, the dinosaur could have been injured during a fight with another Triceratops – the horn of a relative broke through John’s collar. It is believed that the huge bone collars of Triceratops performed a protective function, which is why they were often injured.

It is important to note that the damage was not fatal for Big John – he died only six months after the fight.

Details about “Big John”

The age of this Triceratops is estimated at 66 million years, and the height of the skeleton is about eight meters. The giant dinosaur was discovered in 2014 in South Dakota, USA.


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