Triangular UFOs hovering over a US Navy destroyer

(ORDO NEWS) — Amazing footage leaked onto the Web, allegedly taken by a US Navy destroyer, shows several triangular UFOs hovering in the night sky above the ship. This was reported on the pages of the “Daily Star”.

The mysterious videos were sent by unknown persons back in 2019 to filmmaker Jeremy Corbell , who is involved in making documentaries for famous film companies such as Netflix. The report also reported on the alleged US Armed Forces reconnaissance briefing on the topic of unidentified air phenomena.

An 18-second video captured from the destroyer USS Russell shows three subtle balloons hovering in the sky. Then the camera captures the fourth object, zooms it in, after which the triangular shape of the aircraft becomes visible.

In addition to the unusual video, Jeremy shared three photographs of an unidentified flying object taken by the US destroyer Omaha. The observed spherical object freely submerged under the water, but it was not possible to find it there, even with the help of a submarine.

These two events are likely in some way related to a previous story of several UFOs flying over destroyers off the coast of California over several nights, Jeremy believes.

The pilot of the FA-18 fighter sent the filmmaker materials about the third UFO sighting, which occurred on March 4, 2019. He claimed that he personally took pictures of unidentified flying vehicles from the cockpit of the fighter.

According to Jeremy, the three incidents were allegedly discussed during a secret briefing at the Pentagon.

Jeremy said on his website that it took a very long time to analyze the videos he received, and now he is verifying their authenticity. He also hopes that these incidents will mark a turning point in the research of the UFO phenomenon.


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