Triangular UFO seen in the US state of Georgia

(ORDO NEWS) — Ufologist Scott Waring published on the pages of his blog another proof of the existence of UFOs. The mysterious event took place in Calhoun, Georgia, USA.

This video was sent to the ufologist by eyewitnesses who were simply incredibly lucky, because when shooting the surrounding landscape they did not at all expect to find something unusual.

Eyewitnesses went outside and began to film everything, but suddenly a dark dot moving in the sky attracted their attention. When they zoomed in on the image, they realized that it was not just a dot, but a real aircraft with a triangular shape.

Triangular UFO seen in the US state of Georgia VIDEO 2

An eyewitness said: ‚ÄúThis is a UFO seen at work by my friend Nate. I started filming it with my iPhone. It’s very strange when you start increasing it.”

Local residents, like Scott Waring, who was watching this video, were struck by the noiselessness of the movement of the UFO. The ufologist believes that this is not a simple UFO, he is able to move in time, and usually flies only to important people or during important historical events.


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