Treasure ships found off the coast of Colombia

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(ORDO NEWS) — Some time ago, archaeologists conducted research off the coast of Colombia. They found a huge amount of gold coins, as well as numerous other artifacts that were scattered around the wreckage of two ancient ships. According to preliminary data, they crashed about two centuries ago or more.

One of the discovered ships was called “San Jose”. Marine researchers are fully confident that this ship was considered a couple of centuries ago the real “holy grail” of Spanish colonial shipwrecks.

Scientists in the course of the study used modern equipment that is controlled remotely. They were able to use it to descend to a depth of up to 900 meters. At the very bottom of the studied area of ​​the ocean, debris was found indicating shipwrecks.

The video obtained by scientists shows the incredible treasure that is on board the San Jose. The treasure consists of numerous coins and gold bars.

All of them were made in Seville around 1655. The researchers also saw even a Chinese table service, which remained completely intact without any damage.

The San José sank in 1708. Then Spain colonized only Colombia. That is why absolutely all the gold present in South America (mainly from the territories of modern Bolivia and Peru) was stored in the fort of the city of Cartagena, located on the ocean.

Until today, the ship is considered a “national treasure”. In this regard, the government of Colombia wants to exhibit it in the near future in a museum that is going to be built in Cartagena.

The San Jose galleon sank on June 7th. It was sunk by the British fleet off the coast of Cartagena. At that time, the ship was used to transport silver and gold, jewelry.

They had to be delivered from the colonies of Spain in Latin America to King Philip V. It is worth noting that there were 600 crew members on board and only a few survived.


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