Treasure ship found off the coast of Alexandria

(ORDO NEWS) — Near Alexandria (Egypt) at the bottom of the Gulf of Abu Kir found a sunken ship. There were many treasures on the ship that belonged to the dynasty of Ptolemaic rulers (4th-1st centuries BC).

The find is a rare and valuable specimen for historians. All exhibits will be transferred to the Egyptian Museum after study and restoration.

Researchers were able to determine the cause of the ship’s sinking. It went to the bottom due to the destruction of the temple of Amun.

Historians have shed light on the events of those times. In the II century BC, a natural disaster happened in this area.

It destroyed the temple, and the wreckage fell on the ship. The ship was moored at the pier, so it fell into a fatal trap. But it has become a valuable discovery today.

Without modern technology, finding the ship would be impossible. It was discovered using a prototype sonar “sub-bottom profiler” to explore the bottom of the bay.

Surprisingly, it was the wreckage that helped keep the ship to this day in the bay. The blocks pressed the ship to the bottom, and a kind of capsule formed. Everything flooded, and the ship was mothballed.

The divers did a great job. It was necessary to explore the ship, which lay under a five-meter layer of hard clay and silt. The flooded galley, 25 meters long, belongs to the classical period.

This is evidenced by the design of the ship’s hull, namely the long mortise and tenon connections and the internal structure. Previously, only one such find was known. We are talking about Punic Marsala, which sank in 235 BC. e.

It is known that such galleys were built by ancient Egyptian and ancient Greek shipbuilders. At that time the Greeks had a great influence on Egypt. It was then that the era of the reign of the pharaohs came to an end.

For Abu Kir, this is not the only valuable find. At the bottom of this bay is a whole city – Heraklion. Perhaps this place holds many more secrets and treasures.


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