Treasure hunters believe they found a cache of tons of Nazi gold

(ORDO NEWS) — The Polish-German Silesian Bridge Foundation has begun preparing for excavations in search of the treasure. The fund’s treasure hunters are confident that they will be able to find 10 tons of Nazi gold.

The fact is that they found information about the cache in the secret documents of the SS. The source assures that the documents belonged to a high-ranking officer with the pseudonym Michaelis.

Reported by the Daily Mail.

SS officer Michaelis in his notes indicated 11 places in Lower Silesia (district of the Polish city of Opole). Before the offensive of the troops, the gold was hidden. But not only gold and jewelry were hidden works of art, rare books and many other valuable artifacts.

One of the 11 caches is reportedly located in the palace of Baron Frederick the Great. It is located 50 km from the city of Wroclaw. During the Second World War, German troops were stationed there. In March 1945 Michaelis wrote that some of the treasures were hidden in the palace, in the greenhouse.

“48 Reisbank chests were covered with earth and living plants in the greenhouse” – this is how the officer described the cache. All this time, the cache was guarded, looked after the greenhouse, so that no one would guess there to look for gold.

Immediately after the war, the conservatory was looked after by the mistress of SS officer von Stein. It is known that the woman’s name was Inga. Excavations are scheduled to begin in May. The estimated value of the treasure is approximately £ 0.5 billion.


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