Tragic incidents have increased in Egypt people blame the curse of the pharaohs

(ORDO NEWS) — Due to the fact that unpleasant incidents have become more frequent in Egypt. For example, a train crash and the death of thirty-two people. The chaos on the Suez Canal is considered the second significant event.

These events are directly related to the presence of the curse of the pharaohs. This is stated by Internet users in social networks. No comments have been received from government officials.

Indeed, superstitious people agree with this version. All negative events began to happen when the media announced that the bodies of the mummies would be transferred to a new museum. The same fate awaits the mummy of Ramses II.

After the world learned about this event, various incidents began to happen in Egypt. Special attention should be paid to such an event: a container ship got stuck near the Suez Canal, while the shipping route was blocked. This led to the fact that this site was blocked.

A few days later, when two trains collided in the Takhta area, an accident occurred, as a result of which people died. The troubles did not end there, literally the next day, a house in which there were eighteen people collapsed. People died on the spot.


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