Traces of two powerful solar flares found in tree rings

(ORDO NEWS) — An international team of researchers has discovered information about two super-powerful flares on the Sun in 7176 and 5259 BC. The data was obtained by studying the rings of trees.

It turned out that solar surges amplify radioactive elements in the earth’s atmosphere. This necessarily affects the wood of the tree trunk.

Experts said that the strongest outbreak during the research period since 1940 was recorded on February 23, 1956.

Then it was possible to fix the excess of the normal level of cosmic rays by about 50 times. It is noted that the outbreak is much weaker than those found by specialists in the latest study.

The outbreak of 5259 BC was recorded thanks to the study of larch tree rings from Yamal. These outbreaks produced approximately 29 kilograms of radiocarbon.

The researchers say that in the event of a recurrence of such an outbreak in our time, a modern person will notice what is happening.

Unlike our ancestors, modern man will face a huge variety of everyday and global problems. Today, such an outbreak would have a catastrophic effect on aviation, satellites and telecommunications systems.


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