Traces of the presence of US astronauts found on the moon

(ORDO NEWS) — The pictures refute the theory of the “Lunar conspiracy”, which is accused of the United States.

Chandrayan-2 is an Indian automatic interplanetary station for exploration of the Moon, which has been in its orbit for the second year. The probe’s camera allows you to make the largest surveys of the Earth‘s satellite surface, reports portal.

When the Americans announced to the whole world about the flight to the moon and provided confirmation after that, they were not believed. Even the residents of the United States themselves, in the amount of 70%, consider this a fiction and staging (based on statistical surveys).

However, the latest images of the Indian Chandrakant indicate that the Americans were on the moon. Checking the operation of the camera, the probe fixed the module of the Apollo 11 mission; it remained standing in the same place where it had been left by the astronomers.

In the pictures, you can see some more things left by people: the shadow from the seismometer and part of the laser angle holder (retroreflector). In the world of astronautics, no one doubts the American landing on the moon, and now ordinary people can forget about the “Lunar conspiracy”.


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