Traces of an ancient man with a strange gait discovered in Africa

(ORDO NEWS) — Having discovered on the territory of Tanzania strange ancient footprints left in frozen volcanic ash, scientists at first decided that this was the work of a bear that walked on its hind legs.

According to the scientific publication New Scientist, a new analysis showed that the tracks still belonged to a person. More precisely – an extinct human species, whose gait was extremely unusual.

An unidentified hominid, from which only traces on frozen ash have survived to our time, lived about 3.7 million years ago. Judging by the tracks, this humanoid creature moved in a very, very strange way.

“Imagine a person walking with their legs crisscross. This is the kind of hypertrophied variation of the stage gait that the models show on the catwalk,” the researchers say.

What exactly hominid left strange traces – scientists do not know. It is noted that the tracks are not similar to those found in the Laetoli area, where the find was made.

Previously, footprints of Afar Australopithecines, as well as upright hominids, who lived about 3.6 million years ago, were found in this area. However, the new find puzzled scientists. Perhaps further field research, which may lead to new discoveries, will help shed light on the mystery of the strange traces.


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