Toyota is building a lunar cruiser for astronauts

(ORDO NEWS) — Toyota plans to explore the moon‘s surface with a new vehicle called the Lunar Cruiser. The lunar cruiser is scheduled to launch before 2030.

The moon car was named after the Toyota Land Cruiser sports utility vehicle.

According to Takao Sato , Lunar Cruiser project manager at Toyota , the main idea of ​​the car is that astronauts can work, sleep, eat in it, while communicating with the crews of other similar vehicles on the lunar surface and in space.

Toyota is building a lunar cruiser for astronauts 2

The company is working with the Japanese space agency on the spacecraft, which is scheduled to launch later this decade. The overall goal of the project is to help people live on the Moon, and later on Mars, as part of future missions.

Takao Sato said: “We see space as an area for our once-in-a-century transformation. By going into space, we can develop telecommunications and other technologies that will prove valuable to human life.”

Toyota engineer Shinichiro Noda said he is excited about the lunar project and says the moon could provide valuable resources for life on Earth.

He also said: “Sending our cars to the moon is our mission. Toyota cars are almost everywhere. But it’s about taking our cars to places we’ve never been before.”


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