Toxic benzene in the air on the ISS was discovered in April

(ORDO NEWS) — Toxic benzene at the International Space Station was first discovered back in April of this year. It is reported by the American site

In May, Roscosmos announced an increase in the concentration of benzene in the atmosphere of the ISS. It was also reported that the concentration does not exceed the permissible norm and does not threaten the crew. A source of benzene has not yet been detected.

According to, for the first time, an American air quality meter AQM-1 recorded benzene in the station’s atmosphere on April 13. Also on the website it is reported that in June, during measurements in the Russian segment of the ISS , an increase in the level of benzene was found.

Last Tuesday, NASA reported that the search for the source of benzene on the ISS had to be stopped due to the failure of the AQM-1 device. According to reports, the search will resume after the arrival of a new device at the station.

Now the Russian cosmonauts Anatoly Ivanishin and Ivan Wagner, as well as the American astronauts Christopher Cassidy, Douglas Hurley and Robert Benken, are working on the ISS.


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