Top 5 countries consuming the most water

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — We are used to calling the globe “a blue planet”, mistakenly thinking that there will be enough water for everyone. Most of the Earth’s surface is really covered with water (according to various sources, from 71 to 75 percent), but 97.5% of all terrestrial water resources are salt water.

Of the remaining 2.5%, less than 1% (0.007%) is available for consumption, since most are in the ice of the Antarctic. Despite this, humanity uses more than 10 billion tons of water daily.

Water consumption is growing exponentially, twice as fast as the world’s population. While billions of people in developing countries do not have access to clean drinking water, giant countries use trillions of liters of water every month, which is 10, or even 20 times the amount needed to meet basic needs. In this regard, the need for the rational use and distribution of water resources is one of the first places on the global agenda.

Top 5 countries consuming the greatest amount of water (by total volume):

India ≈ 761 billion m³ / year

India accounts for 18% of the world population and about 4% of water resources. About 80% of the water here goes to agriculture. Most of the water reserves are in inaccessible places – on the peaks of the Himalayas with a height of more than 4000 m.

China ≈ 601.6 billion m³ / year

China is a country in which one fifth of the world’s population lives, and at the same time possessing only 7% of fresh water resources. On average, 116,000 liters of water are produced per capita per year. About 85% of the country’s water resources are used in the agricultural sector. By 2035, China will need to increase its reserves by five times to meet its industrial needs.

USA ≈ 444.3 billion m³ / year

For several decades, the United States has been one of the world’s largest consumers of water. New York alone spends about a million liters of water daily. A quarter of US water is consumed in just four states: California, Texas, Idaho, and Florida.

Indonesia ≈ 222.6 billion m³ / year

70% of the consumed water in Indonesia is used in agriculture. Despite the fact that the country has huge reserves of water resources, most of them are unsuitable for consumption due to pollution of surface and groundwater.

Pakistan ≈ 183.5 billion m³ / year

As in Indonesia, in Pakistan about 70% of the used water resources are spent on agriculture. Water scarcity in this region is close to an alarming mark and may reach its peak by 2025.


  • About 2 billion people are constantly living in severe water shortages. Approximately 4 billion, that is, two-thirds of the world’s population, face a shortage of fresh water for at least one month a year;
  • A third of the world’s largest groundwater systems are already in distress, resulting in leakage of drinking water of about 32 billion cubic meters;
  • In order to grow 1 ton of grain, you need 1000 tons of water. A juicy steak, which many gourmets love to treat themselves to, requires 15.5 liters of water for each kg. 1 kg of chocolate – 24,000 liters. 1 sheet of paper – 10 l;
  • In developed countries, one person per day uses from 150 to 400 liters of water with a consumption rate of 105 to 175 liters;
  • 80% of the diseases that exist in developing countries and cause millions of premature deaths are due to water shortages.

Since the 1980s, water demand has increased by 1% per year. At this rate, by 2050, the current level of consumption will increase by 20-30%. If humanity does not change its habits in the near future, by 2025, two-thirds of the population will face a shortage of water resources, which could lead to a serious crisis.

To prevent the negative consequences of unreasonable water consumption, the We Are Water Foundation was created .Its main task is to draw attention to the need to create a new culture of water consumption in order to ensure balanced development and stable management of world water resources.

The Fund also holds a number of events and participates in major international projects aimed at eliminating the negative consequences of a lack of water resources in certain parts of the world. We Are Water’s activities cover areas such as infrastructure, education, healthcare, and research.

The Foundation’s main ongoing initiative is #TheHiddenLifeOfWater (The Secret Life of Water), launched in support of the UN Leaving No One Behind campaign (“Do not stay away”).

We Are Water Foundation was founded by the Spanish company Roca , one of the world’s leading manufacturers of bathroom products.


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