Top 5 Achievements of Ancient Egypt

(ORDO NEWS) — The civilization of Ancient Egypt existed for thousands of years and during this time made many achievements that are impressive even now.

Many are now wondering what the inhabitants of the kingdom of the pharaohs came up with during this period.

In fact, the ancient Egyptians left behind many priceless artifacts that have enabled scholars to understand their customs and learn more about their way of life. It is incredible, but modern people continue to successfully use many inventions today.

It should be understood that the ancient inhabitants of this country formed one of the most innovative civilizations of the ancient world, as evidenced by their outstanding achievements. Here are five of them.

1- Writing

It is now known that Egyptian writing is not a form of writing from the ancient world. The Sumerians developed the so-called “cuneiform” five centuries earlier.

Of course, the Egyptians made a significant contribution to the development of this area. They were already using an ideographic and consonant writing system by 3000 BC.

In this form of writing, there were three types of signs: ideograms or graphic signs for whole words, phonograms or graphic words for sounds, and determinants or final signs of the written word.

2- Astronomy

The ancient Egyptians are also credited with some of the oldest astronomical discoveries. As early as 3000 BC, in the realm of the pharaohs, the length of the year was set at 365 days and was divided into 12 months.

At that time, three seasons were identified associated with the flood of the Nile. These include floods, sowing and harvesting. Even then nights and days were divided into 12 hours.

In addition, the Egyptians created a solar calendar, which they created based on the cycle of the Earth‘s rotation around the Sun. They made the first astronomical observations and were able to calculate the dates of solar and lunar eclipses.

3- Counting tools

Many ancient civilizations developed unusual tools to facilitate counting, although the Egyptians were the first to drill holes in stones to do this.

This happened around 500 BC. Thus, the first true abacus was developed, an instrument that has survived to this day.

4- Ancient egyptian scales

The invention of the weight-measuring device may have been motivated by the need to accurately measure the amount of precious metals.

In fact, the first scales were a two-handed device, supported on a stand and equipped with containers. The role of scales, most likely, was played by stone sculptures, meaning busts of animals.

5- Milk based glue

The fifth great achievement on the list is glue. Indeed, the ancient Egyptians could glue papyrus, wood, and leather. The substance they produced was obtained from the skins and bones of animals. They also used glue derived from milk.


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