Top 10 countries with the most billionaires

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) —  Experts at the Hurun Research Institute of China published their annual report Hurun Global Rich List 2020, in which they named the richest billionaires in the world in 2020.

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Top 10 countries with the most billionaires 2

According to a report in 2020, there are 2,816 billionaires in the world. This is 346 more than last year, and 727, or 35%, more than five years ago.

According to the report, the general condition of billionaires grew by 16% and amounted to $ 11.2 trillion. The drafters of the report emphasize that the general condition of all billionaires exceeds the GDP of many countries of the world, and if this figure meant the country’s GDP, it would be the third largest country in the world.

Below we will talk about 10 countries in which the largest billionaires live.

10. France

France is in tenth place, 51 millionaire live in this country. France is one of the most comfortable countries for life, so it is not surprising that billionaires choose it for permanent residence. In addition, the French economy is one of the strongest not only in Europe but also in the world.

9. Thailand

In ninth place is Thailand, home to 57 billionaires. The Thai economy is heavily dependent on exports, mainly electronics and computer parts.

8. Brazil

Brazil ranks eighth in the number of billionaires. 69 billionaires live here. Brazil is one of the largest economies in the region, it also has a developed industry.

7. Switzerland

Switzerland has repeatedly been among the leaders of various international ratings for quality of life. It is not surprising that many billionaires choose Switzerland as their place of residence. In total, 88 billionaires live here.

6. Russia

Russia is a large and resource-rich country. In the ranking of the number of billionaires, she was in sixth place. In total, 91 billionaire lives here.

5. UK

Great Britain closes the top five, with 119 billionaires. It is an economically developed country, and London is one of the largest financial centers in the world.

4. Germany

Germany was in fourth place, with 122 billionaires living here. This is a country with a strong economy and developed industry. In addition, Germany has a high level of international influence.

3. India

India came in third with 137 billionaires. In recent years, this country has seen rapid economic growth, which affects the number of billionaires in this country.

2. USA

The second place is occupied by the USA with 626 billionaires. Traditionally, this country is considered one of the favorite countries for the residence of billionaires. The US economy is one of the strongest in the world, and in addition, the USA is a world leader in many respects.

1. China

China has become the leader in the number of billionaires. 799 billionaires live here. China has a strong economy, and in recent decades there have been high rates of economic growth.


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