Top 10 cities in China with the highest GDP per capita

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — China begins to recover after the coronavirus epidemic. Cities open, people take to the streets, however, all restrictions are still far away.

Experts note that this is not only about lifting restrictions, but also about restoring the economy, which was in a very disadvantage due to the epidemic of coronavirus.

Cities with the strongest economies will be able to recover more quickly after the crisis, experts say. These cities have more than just developed industry, they also have high GDP per capita, and often this figure in a single Chinese city is comparable to GDP per capita of a small state.

Below we will talk about the 10 cities in China with the highest GDP per capita.

10. Changzhou

Per capita GDP of the 14 largest cities in China in 2019 reached $ 20 thousand. Changzhou ranks tenth in this indicator. The per capita GDP here is $ 22,670. For comparison, the Czech GDP per capita in 2019 was $ 22,850.

9. Guangzhou

Guangzhou – the capital of Guangdong. It is the political, economic, scientific, technical, educational, cultural and transport center of all of South China. GDP per capita in 2019 was $ 22,676.

8. Shanghai

Shanghai is an important financial and cultural center of the country, as well as the world’s largest seaport. Last year, the city’s GDP reached an incredible level of 3.82 trillion yuan, but per capita GDP was $ 22,779, so the city is only in eighth place in this ranking.

7. Beijing

Beijing is the capital of China. This is the largest railway and road junction and one of the main air hubs in the country. In addition, Beijing is the political, educational and cultural center of China. In 2019, per capita GDP was $ 23,808. For comparison, Saudi Arabia’s GDP in 2019 was $ 23,566.

6. Nanjing

Nanjing – a large industrial and economic center of the country. In addition, it is an important cultural and historical center. The population of the city exceeds 6 million people. GDP per capita in 2019 was $ 24,017.

5. Ordos.

Only 2 million people live in this city. This city has become an ambitious project of the Chinese authorities, which was previously called a ghost town in the Western media. Nevertheless, by 2017, the city became more populated, and the economy began to develop. GDP per capita in 2019 was $ 25,088.

4. Zhuhai

Zhuhai is another small city by Chinese standards, with about 2 million people. There are a significant number of hotels in the city that are popular among Chinese visitors to the numerous casinos of neighboring Macau, since accommodation and meals in Zhuhai are much cheaper than in a special area. There are also several seaside resorts.

GDP per capita in 2019 was $ 25,368. By comparison, GDP per capita in Bahrain is $ 25,851.

3. Suzhou

Suzhou is a city with a population of more than 10 million people. There are enterprises of the paper, chemical and cotton industries. The products of enterprises are exported. GDP per capita in 2019 was $ 25,939.

2. Wuxi

This city is a center of mechanical engineering. Textile, electronics, metallurgical and pharmaceutical plants are also located here. The population of the city is about 5 million people. Per capita GDP in 2019 was $ 26,065. For comparison, Slovenia’s per capita GDP was $ 26,243 in 2019.

1. Shenzhen

The population of Shenzhen exceeds 11 million people. Shenzhen became the first city in China, whose per capita GDP reached $ 10 thousand in 2007. Six years later, per capita GDP doubled to $ 22,112, according to 2013 data. In 2019, the city is still leading in terms of per capita GDP – $ 29,498.


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